1# Blog text: Submission: Kummius.fi

Project work: Kummius.fi

Short description of project idea:

Kummius.fi (godparent and -child platform). There is a need for services for godparents to help them to live up to the relationship with their godchildren. After the baptism or name giving there is no services provided for them to help them to build the life-lasting relationship with their godchildren.

What is the product/service?

For the moment, Kummius.fi is building a platform or forum for godparents here in Finland. It is a market place where suppliers can supply their services for godparents.

What is the firm?

There is four companies together doing this (Avajaopen, Insano, Palmu and RayQ).

Does the firm have any international experience?


Target market that you have selected?

Other Nordic countries, first Sweden.

Why you think the product/service has internationalization potential?

Kummius.fi has internationalization potential because the same lack of services is typical in ”well-being” Europe. Specially people in the Nordic countries share similar values and the way of life, thus the opportunity to implement kummius.fi exists.

Blog link: http://www.rayq.fi/gmm/

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