2# Blog text: What We Are Doing

(Executive summary and introduction to the case)

Kummius.fi is founded in 2013. The story behind the brand is that four entrepreneurs found out a new market segment and environment with full of frustration in Finland. They noticed that every year thousands of people became a godfather or -mother but many of them did not have any tools or concrete ways to live up to the given promise to be a caring and loving extra adult for the new born child. They felt very bad on this because they really wanted to be good in their duty. They all wanted to create a life-long relationship but the reality for them for some reason is totally different from that.

They also understood that problem is not knowledge or lack of value. Instead of that, the problem is very concrete and everydayish. Godparents want to do things with their godchildren but they do not know what to do with them (age, location, time etc.). Therefore Kummius.fi is the answer to their question; a financial objective is to offer a platform where service providers and godparents meet each other and as a non financial objective to help godparents meet each others on social media. It´s about buying services, sharing ideas and creating events etc. It allows pop-up-events, special offers and horizontal support. Kummius.fi provides this platform and collects a fee of every transaction made in the platform. It provides the supplier a new segment through the platform to promote their products and services.

Marketing strategy and business resources are based on two fundaments: co-operation and buzz. Kummius.fi wants to invite as many godparents as possible in it´s network. It means both a bigger market for business partners and more buzz around the phenomenon and network. Kummius.fi needs several (business) partners from churches to companies to provide their services and to invite their (potential) customers into the Kummius.fi network. At first, Kummius.fi will be launched in Finland, and then in the Nordic countries and in the rest of ((post)-christian) Europe.

Our case is to consider the move from Finland to Sweden as our target market. We are focusing on marketing mix elements that are crucial in Swedish market environment. Our next blog text will analyse the Swedish market and the potential competitors closer. Stay tuned!

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