4# Blog text: Pros and cons: Kummius.fi

(Company analysis; tangible assets, intangible assets, capabilities, areas of advantage, key success factors and key weaknesses)

Tangible and intangible assets

Kummius.fi financial objective is to offer a platform where service providers and godparents meet each other. At the moment the tangible asset is e.g. the domain Kummius.fi.

The non-financial objective is to help godparents meet each others and find new ideas what to do. The intangible asset is the trademark Kummius.fi and its offering service. Through Kummius.fi it is possible to buy services, share ideas, create events and so on. In addition, the service allows the reach of special offers for users.

Kummius.fi provides this platform and collects a fee of every transaction made in the platform.

Capabilities and advantages

Kummius.fi is at the moment building a platform or forum in Finnish market for godparents to find suppliers services. There still exists many opportunities for the final capabilities how Kummius.fi will be most value adding. The focus of distribution and pricing can be still developed. The advantage of the service is the lack of big start-up investments and costs.

Even though there shouldn’t occur major cultural differences in the Nordic countries affecting on the success of service, still the country of origin effects exists. Language is one of the capabilities that can be modified to correspond the users of the target country. Kummius.fi is Finnish and it means Godparenthing. In order to create a proper forum in Sweden, the domain godfadder.se or equivalent could be found in order to bond users. The name is an advantage when it describes the concept of the service.

Key success factors

  • service: forum or platform format
  • every year thousands of people became a godfather or -mother
  • lack of similar provider
  • lack of tools and concrete ways to live, experience and spend time with godchild

In order to get Kummius.fi-service fully implemented to the Swedish markets, it requires proper partners and collaborators. The success of the service is also determents by the quality of announcers in the site. Interesting and value adding announcers make the service function.

Key weaknesses

One fully committed actor is still missing from Kummius.fi, who would take the responsibility about all platform operations. At the moment Kummius.fi is still in the phrase of four different companies working together towards defining the final use and the idea of the service. Prior to the internationalization phrase is finding the proper platform or partner.

Start-up situation in Sweden

We need to consider the start-up environment in Sweden, when planning the internationalization of Kummius.fi. Because of the early phrase of Kummius.fi-service, internationalization is likely to have some start-up symptoms in the Swedish market. Thus, a feasibility analysis about first stages of internationalization is not enough.

It is said, that Sweden is, like Finland, a good place to start a start-up. Several local organizations support the new start-up companies with funding and other kind of support in Sweden. To start with the implementation planning, we could start looking into the start-up webpages that help to booze the launching phrase, e.g. Scandinavian Start-up organizations http://scandinavianstartups.com/ or http://swedishstartupspace.com/

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