5# Blog text: A life-long relationship

(Objectives: Financial; non-financial (e.g. customer satisfaction, perceived quality, loyalty, % of sales, etc)

Why Kummius.fi is really doing this? What is the mission behind everything?

Kummius.fi is based on Shared value -thinking (Porter & Kramer 2011: http://hbr.org/2011/01/the-big-idea-creating-shared-value) that means you can do business and socially good at the same time without compromising nether of them. Kummius.fi aims to be a business with financial objectives but more than that be a helping hand for godparents to live up to the promise they gave to their godchildren.

The mission is to support the life-long relationship by providing concrete things to do with a child. A human relationship needs time and shared experiences, not so much theory or beautiful talk. Kummius.fi hopes that the relationship that started from ”the godparents spoon of baptism” lasts to ”the porridge spoon of nursing home”. When customers relationship last a life-time, they are satisfied and have no bad conscience anymore – Kummius.fi has done it´s job.

The key success factor is the power of the network; b2c and c2c. The demand for services and sharing is out there but who is answering the call? For example, in Finland there is ca. 100 000 new godparent-godchild -relations in every year. It´s a rapid growing market segment without almost any service supply and sharing possibilities yet. There is a great opportunity to gain loyal customers and sales when this is done with super quality.

The motto for Kummius.fi is: ”It´s rock. pop. you. but not blues.”

It´s ”rock” because it ”rocks”, ”pop” because it is popular and appreciated, ”you” because it is personal and emotional, and ”but not blues” because it is happy, fun and positive. Kummius.fi´s objective is to make this come true.

What´s why.

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