6# Blog text: Segmentation, targeting and positioning/Value proposition

(Target market, functional, emotional and/or self-expressive benefits, price)

For Kummius.fi all people that have any friends or relatives in their lives are potential customers. Those customers can be divided into different segment. The division can be made by gender, age, occupation, geographical location etc. In this case we believe that the segmentation should be done by age, occupation and geographical location. People with different age understand the role of being godfather or –mother differently. The knowledge is on different level as well the sense of overall responsibility. Thus one segment is young people who have become or are becoming godparents. The other segment is older people, who are at different place in their lives e.g. in their mid-30’s, in working life etc. Geographically speaking since the main goal is to expand to Sweden that is the main geographical segment. Later on when the company decides to expand more, then the geographical segmentation would be appropriate.

The main target group is people who either just became godfathers and – mother or the ones that are just about to become one. The two primary segments are younger people and little bit older ones e.g. mid-30’s, in working life etc. These two segments have to be targeted slightly differently because they have different lifestyles thus different approachability. Young people can be targeted easier by advertising in universities, schools, churches etc. If people know about this kind of service they will most likely try to find out more about it and thus become customers. Young people these days do not really know what it is being a godparent. Thus by providing information that such service as Kummius.fi exists will help them to find out more about their responsibilities. Older people and people in working life can be targeted through target adverting by using services that provide algorithmic targeting e.g. someone searches through the web some gifts for the occasion → get targeted advertisement for Kummius.fi.

At the moment there are no other company that provides the same kind of service apart from open knowledge that one can obtain through Wikipedia or churches. So in that sense Kummius.fi has an edge in its positioning. The service that is provided by Kummius.fi is free of charge for the users. The main channel of income would be thus b-to-b services. The product itself will take a form of its own when the users starts using the service because one of the main attributions is the user interaction.

Value proposition
Every year tens of thousands people become godparents and unfortunately most of them do not know what that really means. This leads to unfulfilled duties by the godparents and certain loss for the child as well. The value of the service can be measured by the people learning more about their duties as godparents and fulfilling their roles accordingly. Naturally this is something that is quite difficult to measure especially in a short-term scenarios, however the value occurs when the children learn something from their godparents and thus grow up differently than those whose godparents do not fulfill their duties. The true value will be seen in the children’s behavior later in their lives as well as their abilities to differentiate right from wrong and just doing better because they were taught something unique.



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