7# Blog text: Marketing strategy

(Branding & positioning, product and/or service attributes, distribution, promotion, price, people/processes).

Marketing strategy
The goal of the marketing strategy is to relay the correct message to the potential consumers. To different segments there should be different marketing strategy. For younger people it is important to convey the message that Kummius.fi is there to help them to understand what it means to be a godparent and how important that potentially could be for the child. By making it sound important and beneficial for both parties, young people might be more susceptible to use the service. When targeting older people who are in their mid-30’s and or in working life the main message should be, beside the fact that godparents role is very important from child’s perspective, the opportunity to be a responsible godparent in an easier way e.g. by using Kummius.fi even a person who is busy with work and overall life can fulfill his or her role as a godparent easily by utilizing the tools provided by Kummius.fi. Older people and those in work life are more susceptible to such services that help them improve themselves in an efficient manner i.e. saving time.

The biggest value that the Kummius.fi has is the point of being a service that contributes to the society by helping others. So it is important to brand this service as something that brings value to people and society rather than trying to cheat them out of money. For the better part of a decade peoples and companies values have been going down, thus everybody is starting to wake up to this fact and strong values are again gaining popularity and respect. By branding Kummius.fi as a service for the community will prompt its values up and open it to lucrative business opportunities but still without selling out.

Product attributes
The product in this case is the service itself. Kummius.fi provides information and help for people who are becoming godparents but don’t quite know what that means. The information apart, the biggest attribute is the user interface where the users can interact with each other and thus getting the help and support they need to become godparents or to fulfill that role in the best possible way.

Kummius.fi is an internet based service which means that anybody can have access to it from anywhere with an internet connection. The bigger issue would be how to reach all of the potential users rather than how distribute the product. As said in marketing strategy, the users can be reaches by targeting different segments with different approaches. By analyzing the target groups’ behaviors conclusion can be made of where they can be reached.

The service itself is free of charge to the users. The main idea is to get as many people to join the Kummius.fi and start using it. The main income will come from b-to-b side where the company can offer other companies advertising possibilities etc. Also because the service is something that essentially will benefit the community, most likely donations will be made to keep the goodwill running. Later on Kummius.fi can also provide special services to the users for certain fee e.g. special consultations, helping with finding appropriate gifts etc. However all the extra services have to be thought out in a later stage, after the product has been launch and been running for some while.

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