8# Blog text: Action plan for Kummius.fi in Sweden

We would consider a cooperative strategy for Kummius.fi in order to enter the Swedish markets and to get the service running. Next we have created an action plan describing the steps that Kummius.fi should take.

Basics of Kummius.fi:

  • A financial objective is to offer a platform where service providers and godparents meet each other and as a non-financial objective to help godparents meet each other’s on social media.
  • To provide for the supplier a new customer segment through the platform to promote their products and services.
  • Is based on Shared value –thinking.
  • The mission is to support the life-long relationship that started from ”the godparents spoon of baptism” and lasts to ”the porridge spoon of nursing home”.


  • Start connecting with possible partners and collaborators in Sweden:
    • Email, Skype and phone contacts
    • Visiting them in person or inviting them to Finland
    • When suitable collaborator is found: negotiating about the contract and making an action plan about the service in the Swedish market
    • Contacting the start-up organizations, that could help launching the service (e.g. http://scandinavianstartups.com/ or http://swedishstartupspace.com/).
    • Translating the service into Swedish:
      • Kummius.fi is Finnish and it means “Godparenthing.se”. Finding out if the domain godfadder.se or equivalent could be found for Swedish market
      • Acquiring the platform for the service


  • Start selling the service for announcers. Contacting suppliers like:
    • Service providers like: Amusement parks, e.g. Liseberg, Zoos and other resorts, e.g. Kolmården and Astrid Lingren’s House and Children friendly cafes and restaurants.
    • Sport providers like: Cycling, Horseback riding, Hiking, Pools and swimming places e.g. spas and outdoor pools, e.g. Brunstorps Gård in Husqvarna and Sking places, e.g. Isaberg or Åre
    • Sights like: Churches and special historical sights e.g. Brahehus castle ruins in Gränna
    • Events like: Chritmas markets like Gothenburg Liseberg and Halloween costume parties and meetings.
    • Launching the service and getting the platform running


  • Regular cooperation and support giving with the Swedish collaborators and suppliers.
  • Regarding how successful the implementation has been in Sweden, the service can start to plan new internationalization possibilities.
  • Starting to research the Norwegian markets to enter in there.


  • Entering to Norway with similar internationalization process steps as when entering to Swedish (after lesson learned -evaluation).


  • Start segmenting potential users
  • Developing target specific marketing plans
  • Starting marketing campaigns
  • Develop marketing strategy even further by analyzing the outcomes
  • Expanding segments and target groups


  • Developing strong brand image
  • Analyzing the success of the brand image – developing it further if necessary

Product attributes

  • Strengthening the core services that kummitus.fi provides
  • Researching and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the product as well as the possible holes that can be substituted
  • Developing new attributes to the existing service
  • Developing new services and packages for b-to-b


  • Developing b-t-b pricing with correlation to users
  • Developing new methods of income

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